As we come across tech items of interest, we’ll post them here.

  • AIRA 
    • Using special glasses mounted with a small camera or your phone, an AIRA agent can see your surroundings and describe them to you.  Agents can also give directions, read restaurant menus and many more tasks to assist those with low vision in getting out into the community you know or in new places. To learn more visit the AIRA website.
  • ATRC  ~  The Assistive Technology Resource Center
    • The Center has a Computer Redistribution Program for blind and disabled persons who do not have access to a computer. Refurbished equipment is available for those who need it.  You can pick up an application at our meetings or download from their website.  Be sure to give complete information on how you will use the computer and your physical restrictions in operating a computer so that they can provide you with the best fit for your requirements.
  • Currency Reader
    • The U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing provides a free device to blind and low vision citizens to identify U.S. bills.  It is lightweight, not much bigger than a roll of coins and is easy to use.  You can pick up an application at our meetings or download from their website.
  •  iolAMD or Hubble lens
    • This exciting new lens is being implanted in patients with retina degenerative diseases in London, at the London Eye Hospital.  
  • Nano Retina
    • This company found in Israel, is developing an artificial retina which is implanted in the eye, on the retina.  It replaces the function of damaged photo receptors in patients with retinal degenerative diseases.  What an intriguing concept.