Free Smart Phone Training

Smart phones can be convenient for keeping track of phone numbers, addresses, appointments, birthdays, etc.  Voice commands make them easy to use for those of us with low or no vision.  But they can be intimidating for new users.  The Verizon store at Lanihou Center offers free classes for Android and iPhone users.  I checked it out and found the instructor to be knowledgeable, pleasant and accommodating.  The class was small (2 of us), so the presentation was tailored to our questions.  The instructor was not fluent with assistive features, but is willing to brush up on them if the demand is there.  This could be a great resource for those of you who are new to smart phones.  You can attend classes as often as you want; just register on-line at Verizon Workshops   They are offered on weekends and Monday mornings.

BookShare Training

We have a volunteer willing to help members get started on using Bookshare, a website for downloading digital books. You need to get signed up as a Bookshare member, then you are ready to “read” all the books you want.  The annual fee is $50.  Our volunteer will walk us through the process of selecting books from the website and downloading them to a computer, tablet or smart phone.